Year Round

“Providing kids with confidence and independence through shared adventures.”

Who is this for?
Primarily for elementary through 6th graders.

When will these trips take place?
The trips happen during the school year when you and a SOAC representative meet to plan them.

How long are the trips?
Trips can range from one hour trips to overnights of several days.

Why is this more than just a vacation or time out of school?
Because SOAC . . .

  • Encourages learning through experience
  • Promotes positive self esteem
  • Fosters life skills
  • Brings children to the natural sciences
  • Teaches independence and interdependence
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Creates a sense of stewardship, responsibility and connection with nature.

What does SOAC Inc. provide?
Soac provides . . .

  • Ongoing consultation
  • Assistance with trip organization and implementation
  • At least one staff member to accompany you and your group
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Curriculum coordination

What does SOAC cost?
SOAC Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping expand educational opportunities in a chemical-free, outdoor environment for children. We negotiate how you can fund the program.

How is this different from typical field trips?
They learn to step out of their comfort zone. We come to you, and take YOU to the environment. Children learn to plan their own adventures. Children are empowered.

Where do we go?
The teacher and an SOAC leader will choose the kind of experience and the location. Some possibilities include canoeing, kayaking (lakes and rivers), horseback riding, hiking, biking and camping.