Roots & Wings

Parenting is about giving our children roots: unconditional love, support, a safe environment, people they trust, and situations where they are confident and comfortable.

Summer Outdoor Adventure Club is about wings: taking children who have basic confidence in themselves (from their roots) and giving them a situation in which they stand separately from their roots, on their own, and live for a few days dependent on and responsible for themselves and others. We try to take them just a little out of their comfort zone to help them stretch and grow. They learn skills (biking, cooking, gathering, helping, setting up equipment, being responsible for their own belongings, taking care of their own needs, and many other skills) that will allow them to enter into independent life a little more prepared and confident. It gives them an edge on their need and ability to explore their world on their own.

Risk: Unless we stretch, reach out, and climb out onto the skinny branches, we stay within our “space,” within our comfort zone, within our own known world.

Summer Outdoor Adventure Camp presents opportunities for growth and some risks. These risks take many forms: biking on the back roads, canoeing on the lakes, being on their own at times around camp, being away from home for several days, sharing a tent with another person, living with a group, being responsible for fires, food, equipment, schedules, safety behaviors, and not getting lost.

Expectations: We all have expectations in life. Life can become very interesting when people work together or live together, have individual expectations, and do not express their expectations to all those who are involved. We still attempt to clarify some of our expectations of the campers, parents, and leaders of these trips. We want everyone to know what will be happening, what results may be seen, and who will be responsible for the many facets of this program. In this way, we hope that all participants will not only be satisfied, but will be very happy with their participation in one or more of our Summer Outdoor Adventure Club trips.