Summer Trip Checklist

Bring these on your Summer Trip (Governor Dodge, Mirror Lake and Lake Wazee only)

**((For the WI River Trip, find your packing list HERE instead))**

■  Bicycle (must be multi-speed)

■  Helmet

■  Tent (no bigger than 3-person tents)

■  Sleeping bag

■  Pillow

■  Plate

■  Cup

■  Eating utensils

■  Shirts

■  Shorts

■  Pants

■  Socks

■  Undergarments

■  Swimsuit

 Extra pair of shoes

■ Jacket/sweatshirt

■  Rain gear

■  Toothbrush & toothpaste

■  Soap

■  Washcloth

■  Towel

■  Personal hygiene products (if applicable)

■  Watch

■  Flashlight

■  Sunscreen

■  Sunglasses/hat

■  Bug spray

■  Water bottle (attached to bike)

If your child needs to borrow a bike, helmet, tent and/or sleeping bag from SOAC, please contact as soon as possible.

Optional items to bring:



Pocket knife

Fishing gear

Things NOT to Bring:

• Electronic games

• Cell phones

• Radios

• CD players

• Folding chairs

• Unnecessary makeup

• Pop

• Excessive snacks

• Meals

More clothes than necessary (if the camper cannot lift the one duffel bag of clothes there is too much)

Campers will be able to use Leader's phones in case of emergency.